I believe in the strength of the collective, the ability to problem solve, to exceed expectations and just rock it on a daily basis. I thrive on tight budgets and deadlines, I live for compelling storytelling and brand strategies.

My life experience is rich with history. I’ve worked as a Combat Photojournalist. I can skin a rabbit, make fire in the snow, and brew the best pine needle tea south of the Big Chicken. My love of composition and color, type and illustration have led me to here.

As an Associate Creative Director, I can offer innovation, consistency, and creativity with each project. I appreciate new, cutting edge ideas that push the envelope, while implementing ideas that are functional and inspiring to the client. I have a strong passion for my work. It wakes me up in the morning and rocks me to sleep at night. It rides shotgun while I’m driving and sings with me in the shower.

Thank you for reviewing my work.


Karaoke Jams
• Photograph by Def Leopard
• Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys
• Backup support w/ choreography